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Sep 13, 2010

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Drew Brees: Financial Football MVP

This week, we launched an updated version of Financial Football—our free, financial literacy video game. In all respects, this 2.0 version is better, stronger and faster than the original game we launched in 2005. The new game has more personal finance questions, better graphics, more game play options and a broader reach. The game also now has three distinct age options—a mode for middle schoolers, another for high school students and one for adults.

In addition to being playable online, this new game represents the first iPad and iPhone games Visa has produced. The HD iPad version is already in the top 10 on iTunes in the free educational games and sports games categories.

But the biggest innovation in Financial Football 2.0 is our involvement with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. In Financial Football 2.0, Drew not only appears on the cover of the game, but also helped us create some of the personal finance questions that power the financial literacy learning.

Drew took time out from his mind-numbingly, busy schedule to launch Financial Football with us on Monday, doing countless media interviews from the Super Dome. After the camera lights clicked off, we drove to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where Drew and state Treasurer Tate Reeves showcased the game for 50 local and ecstatic high school students.

Treasurer Reeves, whose own commitment to financial literacy in Mississippi is deep and impressive, will be distributing free copies of Financial Football donated by Visa to every middle and high school in the state. Mississippi is now the 27th state government that has partnered with Visa in distributing Financial Football to every high school at no charge.

As the head of financial literacy at Visa, I’ve worked with dozens of athletes around the world to improve the financial literacy levels of children and adults. Drew clearly stands a cut above. His passion for financial literacy, coupled with his sharp intellect and engaging personality, make for a powerful combination.

I’ve seen it in person as teenagers sit quietly – a feat unto itself – listening to Drew on the importance of wise money management. Then a 180 degree change as he serves as head coach for the students during a raucous game of Financial Football. These teenagers have fun while they actually learn.

Posted by: Jason Alderman, Visa Corporate Relations on September 13, 2010 at 4:54 pm