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Dec 3, 2012

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#HolidaySuccess Tips for Small Business Owners: Keep Them Coming Back with Email Newsletters and Gift Cards

In the flurry of making sales during the holidays, we sometimes forget how the influx of “today” customers, can be turned into “future” customers.

As part of our #HolidaySuccess tips for small business owners, USA Today small business columnist, Rhonda Abrams shares a few tips on how to take the holiday momentum through the New Year!

For more information on other holiday planning advice, download the full Small Business Holiday Success Guide at

Happy Holidays!

Janet – @JZablock

How do you connect with holiday customers now and keep them coming back after the new year? Two great marketing strategies make it easier for you to make money during this all-important season and build ongoing relationships with customers at the same time:

  1. Email newsletters – the number one way to encourage online customers to return, according to Forrester; and
  2. Gift cards – one of the most popular gifts for the holidays—often redeemed after the new year.

Email newsletters. If you don’t have an email newsletter, start one now. It can be easy, inexpensive, and effective.

Having an email newsletter gives you a reason to collect contact information from the many customers and prospects you interact with this holiday season. Take the opportunity to collect their contact information for your email newsletter campaigns. Just be sure to ask for their permission first and make it easy for them to opt out if they change their preference.

Once you’ve gathered names for your newsletter, you’ll need content. Keep it simple. You don’t have to be a great writer. Check out the Small Business Holiday Success Guide on what to do next!

Gift Cards. You like them. Your customers like them. Most everyone likes getting a gift card.

Offering gift cards is one of the easiest sales you can make this holiday season—and one of the easiest gifts your customers can buy.

Gift cards are one of the best ways to ring up more sales during the holidays. They’re a tremendous last-minute or impulse gift, so they’re particularly popular with those who put off their holiday shopping ‘til the last minute (don’t we all know someone like that?).

There’s a major added benefit as well. Gift cards can bring new customers to your business—often after January, when your sales may have slowed. They can give you a chance to develop an ongoing relationship with the user and turn a one-time holiday sale into a long-time customer.

Rhonda Abrams @RhondaAbrams

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Posted by: Janet Zablock, Head of Global Small Business, Visa Inc. on December 3, 2012 at 11:23 am