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Feb 1, 2013

Financial Football

Quarterbacks Team Up To Tackle The Issue of Financial Literacy

If you are like me, you’ve spent the better part of the week preparing for the big game this Sunday.  Whether you are from Baltimore, San Francisco or somewhere in between, Americans love the Super Bowl (even if they just watch for the commercials).  The week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday provides the perfect backdrop to tackle the issue of financial literacy among teens.

We were lucky enough to have Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees talk to students from McMain High School and McDonogh No. 35 High School, both in New Orleans, about Visa’s Financial Football program and the importance of money management

Louisiana Treasurer John Neely Kennedy kicked off the event at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans with help from Brees, Wilson and Visa officials. Brees and Wilson shared personal experiences and their thoughts on the importance of money management with students


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Oct 19, 2012

Steeler Mike Wallace, State Treasurer Rob McCord Help Tackle Financial Literacy

A lucky group of Pittsburgh area students from Allderdice High School got the chance to meet local luminaries from sports and politics–and get a head start on learning money management skills that will stick with them for life.

As part of Visa’s “Financial Football” program, Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Mike Wallace and Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord dropped by to share their personal experiences on the importance of money management with students.

The centerpiece of Visa’s nationwide educational initiative with the NFL and NFL PLAYERS, Financial Football helps students and adults tackle their financial futures. This free game is accompanied by a classroom curriculum and is available to every public middle and high school in the state of Pennsylvania.

So we know who the students in Pittsburgh will be rooting for this weekend.  Who is YOUR favorite football team?  Tell us who you will be rooting for in the comments!

Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Wallace on the importance of money management:


Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord on the value of teaching kids financial literacy:




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Sep 6, 2012

A Political Football

Proving that even politics can occasionally be fun, Visa teamed up this week with North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, State Treasure Janet Cowell and Business Forward to host a demonstration of Financial Football at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

With the help of Washington Redskin linebacker London Fletcher, local students and Convention delegates heard about the importance of promoting financial literacy and then got down to business, playing a spirited game of Financial Football.

A few kind-hearted souls asked me something to the effect of: “Why wade into the circus-like environment of a political convention to talk about financial literacy?”

The answer is straight-forward: We strongly believe that a component to a vibrant and growing economy is a well-informed, financially literate population. The government leaders gathered at the party conventions are, by virtue of the offices they hold, ideally positioned to advance the issue of financial literacy and help ensure that all teenagers leave high school with a foundational understanding of money management.

We tried to bring Financial Football to the Republican Convention last week in Tampa, but Hurricane Isaac interfered, causing us to postpone. We’re looking at rescheduling with Governor Rick Scott later this fall.

For the uninitiated, Financial Football is our educational video game that helps players learn about personal finance. Instead of using thumbs to advance your team down the field, you answer personal finance questions. Give it a try


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Dec 5, 2011

A Uniquely Rwandan Financial Literacy Partnership

Outside on the streets of Kigali, the constant bleats from motorbike horns provide the distinctly African soundtrack. Only steps away, but oblivious to the commotion, are 20 Rwandan college students from the School of Finance and Banking who are sitting inside a customized ICT Bus helping shape the future of financial literacy in this “Land of a thousand hills.”

As part of Visa’s announcement with the Government of Rwanda this week in Rwanda, we also began the process of working collaboratively with the government to bring our financial literacy expertise to the country.

And while we are experts in delivering innovative personal finance education, only Rwandans have that unique perspective on what will resonate most with their fellow countrymen.

Rwandans are optimistic and understandably proud of their densely-packed nation and the college students take seriously their responsibility of helping us create a customized version of the educational video game “Financial Football” for their country.

Which is what brings these students to this mobile computer lab, equipped with 20 of the latest laptops. Each has “Financial Football” up on their screen and is putting the free game through its paces. Some are testing in English, others in Kinyarwanda, but all have the same goal: ensuring the final version of the fast-paced, money management game will engage and educate their peers.

Government officials, including the Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda and the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, joined Visa in coming to see the students in action. They saw firsthand what will be needed to create relevant personal finance questions, which serve as the core of the game. Players answer multiple-choice questions correctly to advance down the field for a chance to score a goal, all while learning key concepts about saving, responsible spending and budgeting.

The process will take several months, but in the end, Rwandans will have taken another step in shaping their own future and making this country a shining star in the heart of Africa.


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Jan 25, 2011

Learning Financial Literacy

Innovative companies like realize that if you can make a challenging topic like money management more enjoyable, everybody benefits. Consumers benefit by fully engaging, learning and improving their financial skills. Financial services companies benefit by having more responsible customers who better understand the products they are using, which in turn generates greater customer loyalty.


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Sep 29, 2010

Global Financial Literacy: Then and Now

The global recession taught the world many lessons. One of the most urgent of those lessons is the need for financial education. For 15 years, Visa has been a private sector leader in developing free, high-quality financial literacy programs for parents, teachers, students and consumers. With more and more prominent voices echoing our belief that we need to improve financial literacy levels, we wanted to share one best practice that contributes to our successful impact on better consumer behavior: culturally tailored literacy programs.


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Sep 13, 2010

Drew Brees: Financial Football MVP

This week, we launched an updated version of Financial Football—our free, financial literacy video game. In all respects, this 2.0 version is better, stronger and faster than the original game we launched in 2005. The new game has more personal finance questions, better graphics, more game play options and a broader reach. The game also now has three distinct age options—a mode for middle schoolers, another for high school students and one for adults.

In addition to being playable online, this new game represents the first iPad and iPhone games Visa has produced. The HD iPad version is already in the top 10 on iTunes in the free educational games and sports games categories.


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