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Jun 17, 2013


Enabling the Future of Payments Through VisaNet

Technology continues to transform payments and it is changing the way consumers all over the world shop, pay and get paid. The advent of the Internet, mobile phones and social networks has started an unprecedented expansion of the payments ecosystem and ignited a series of innovations. From eCommerce and cross-border remittances, to mobile wallets and acceptance devices, consumers never before had so many options on how and where to transact.

As the consumer shopping experience evolves, so does the backbone technology that enables transactions from all over the world to be authorized in less than a second and settled to the penny every time. VisaNet, our global payments network, is an integral part of this backbone. It connects more than two billion debit, credit and prepaid accounts to nearly 15,000 financial institutions and 36 million merchant locations in more than 200 countries around the world. In its data centers, more than 82 billion transactions in 175 currencies are processed yearly, representing US$6.5 trillion in total volume.   

For more than 50 years Visa’s network has played a key role in reducing cash spend across the globe. When we started as a pilot in Fresno, California, in 1957, we could not imagine that electronic payments would turn into one of the best success stories of the 20th century. Today, it is hard to imagine a world without them. From a cup of coffee to a refrigerator, we pay for nearly everything with payment cards. They stimulate economic growth, reduce inefficiencies and benefit consumers, businesses and governments around the globe.

To stay one step ahead of the global adoption of electronic payments, we’ve continuously expanded and enhanced VisaNet. We have built and acquired secure payment gateways, such as Cybersource and Fundamo that enable merchants, financial institutions and mobile network operators to more easily connect to Visa and offer consumers innovative new ways to pay. From mobile offers and transaction alerts delivered via SMS text message, to mobile payments on the go and at physical retailers, the pace of innovation in the payments industry is exciting. However, we have an obligation to innovate responsibly, and ensure that the core attributes of security, reliability and trust in Visa payments applies to new forms of payments. Our goal is simple: Continue to be the best way to pay, for everyone, everywhere.


Posted by: Matt Quinlan, Chief Technology Officer, Visa Inc. on June 17, 2013 at 1:51 pm

Feb 15, 2013

#LoveCustomers Tips for Small Business Owners: Laws of Attraction—Getting New Customers and First-time Buyers

It’s the time of year to share love with your nearest and dearest. For small business owners, beyond their families, that also means loving customers. Last October, together with small business expert and USA Today columnist, Rhonda Abrams, we developed the Small Business Holiday Success Guide. We heard from many sources that the guide was valuable and contained easy-to-implement tips for navigating the holiday hurdles. To continue building on that tradition, we are pleased to bring you our next small business resource – the Love Your Customers Guide. Inside are tips to help target, acquire and hold on to the best mix of customers. In this post, Rhonda Abrams shares some of her top tips to get new customers.

We hope you enjoy.

~Janet @jzablock

“If you build it, will they come?” Not necessarily. Entrepreneurs are rightfully proud of the products or services they create, but how do they get customers to know about it?

Just because you’ve created something new, something better, or something cheaper doesn’t mean customers flock to your door. It takes a lot of work to get the word out to customers. And even more work to motivate them to buy.

There are lots of reasons customers don’t rush to a new and better offering. Most of the time, the culprit is that customers don’t know about your offerings. And when they learn about you, you haven’t given them sufficient reason to change. That means you’ve got to put effort to get the word out to prospects—as well as offering incentives for them to try you out.

Given that most customers are set in their ways and don’t switch providers easily, what can you do to convince a customer to switch to you? The table above outlines some successful methods for encouraging customers to give your business a try.

First things first – customers have to know about you! You need to effectively get the word out about your product or service—and keep repeating your message. Some of the ways you can do this are through:

  • Advertising. You have endless advertising options to get the word out about your company, from billboard ads, to search engine marketing ads, to ads in traditional media—print, radio, and TV.
  • Social media marketing. Promote your deals on your social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. Reach out to key bloggers and post your offers on your business page of user review sites. And you can purchase ads on these sites too.
  • Public relations. The best advertising often comes in the form of free publicity in the media. But that takes PR work and getting your message to journalists. Generating positive reviews by influencers is especially helpful for attracting new customers.
  • Open houses. Offer freebies to introduce new customers to your store, restaurant, or service and to stimulate publicity.

Visit here to download the Love Your Customers guide and learn more!

Rhonda Abrams @RhondaAbrams
USA Today Small Business Columnist and Expert

Disclaimer:  Practice recommendations are intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal, financial, tax or other advice.  When implementing any new strategy or practice, you should consult with your legal and financial advisors. Visa makes no representations and warranties as to the information contained herein.


Posted by: Janet Zablock, Head of Global Small Business, Visa Inc. on February 15, 2013 at 10:08 am

Sep 6, 2012

A Fashionista’s Dream: Neiman Marcus Delivers Mobile Offers to Avid Shoppers

The ears of fashion-savvy consumers throughout the U.S. are buzzing with the news that Neiman Marcus is working with Visa to test a new Neiman Marcus mobile offers program, nmbuzz.

nmbuzz uses Visa’s real-time messaging technology to send personalized offers and up-to-the-minute fashion news from Neiman Marcus experts to account holders who enroll their eligible Visa cards.

Here’s how it works:

  • Shoppers enroll at, with their eligible Visa card and mobile phone number. Then shoppers simply use that Visa account as they normally would.
  • Up to two times per week, shoppers receive information from nmbuzz while shopping with the enrolled Visa card in or near a Neiman Marcus location.
  • For example: After making a purchase near Neiman Marcus, a shopper may receive a text message letting them know all about the latest designer in-store visit.

Visa continues to work with a wide range of merchants and financial institutions to help  close the loop between offer and redemption while providing added value for Visa account holders.

To learn more about Neiman Marcus’ nmbuzz, please visit


Posted by: Lucas Mast, Visa Corporate Relations on September 6, 2012 at 9:44 am