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Sep 10, 2010

Pakistan Floods

Visa “Watan” Cards Deliver Relief to Pakistan Flood Victims

You most likely saw our press release yesterday, announcing our partnership with United Bank Limited Pakistan (UBL) and local Pakistani agencies to help distribute relief funds to 2 million families affected by the floods. The Watan Visa prepaid debit card, funded by the Pakistan government, will be loaded each with Pkr20,000 (US$230) and issued by UBL in the coming weeks. (Learn more about a similar program we enacted with UBL in 2009. The government used these cards as a solution for helping 1.4 million displaced families receive financial assistance, after fleeing the North-West Frontier Province to escape the ethnic and religious warfare in the region.)

We are proud to provide our fast and secure electronic payment network and products as part of the Pakistan relief effort. I asked my colleague in Pakistan, Amer Pasha, for his first-hand overview of the recent events:


Posted by: Richard Martin, Visa Corporate Relations on September 10, 2010 at 8:52 pm