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Visa Supplier Locator
The Visa Supplier Locator helps you quickly and easily locate suppliers in the U.S. that welcome Visa. You can search for a specific supplier or a list of suppliers by name or address. In addition, you can perform a fleet specific search. You can also create a custom address search by using special criteria options, such as:
Industry Segment (e.g., auto rentals, office supplies, book stores)
Business Enterprise Indicator (e.g., minority-owned, veteran-owned, SBA-registered)
Merchant Category Code (MCC) or MCC Description (e.g., 5943 or Office Supply Stores)
Enhanced Data Levels (Suppliers capable of providing Fleet, Level II or Level III data)
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You may display the search results as a List Only, Map Only or in a Map and List format.
Each supplier profile will include:
  • Supplier name
  • Street address, city, state and ZIP code
  • Distance in miles from your location or from the center of the provided address, as applicable
  • Industry Segment and related MCC
In addition, the selected supplier profile may include:
  • Area code and telephone number
  • Business Enterprise Indicator
  • Enhanced Data Levels
This information may be used in conjunction with business-to-business or business-to-government transactions only. It is not intended for consumer or household purposes. The information contained in this site pertaining to specific business entities is the sole responsibility of the business entity. Visa does not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy, currentness or completeness of the information provided herein, nor assumes any liability or responsibility for claims that may result from reliance on such information. Users of this information should communicate directly with the business entity for verification of accuracy. We may use information such as a user´s computer´s IP address to help identify suppliers near the user. If a user accesses the service through a GPS capable phone and a user allows the browser to access GPS, the service may access your GPS to identify suppliers in your vicinity.
What does "Industry Segment" mean?
An Industry Segment is a grouping of similar types of businesses or suppliers under a single heading, such as "Office Supplies/Stationary", "Automotive Supplies", or "Travel Services".
An Industry Segment may be an umbrella for several Merchant Category Codes (MCCs). For example, the Industry Segment called "Office Supplies/Stationary" contains three MCCs:
MCC MCC Title Industry Segment
5111 Office Supplies Office Supplies/Stationary
5943 Stationary Stores Office Supplies/Stationary
5947 Gift, Card, Novelty Stores Office Supplies/Stationary
Business Enterprise Indicator (BEI)
8A Classification
Indicates that the supplier is classified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for 8(a) government contractual status.
Disabled Veteran
Indicates that the supplier is classified as a Disabled Veteran.
HUB Zone
Indicates that the Small Business Administration has designated this business as qualified for Historically Underutilized Business Zone status.
Minority Owned
Indicates that this supplier may be owned by a minority. Suppliers should be contacted directly to verify their certification status.
SBA Registered
Indicates that the supplier is registered with the Small Business Administration as a small business.
Small Disadvantaged Business
Indicates that the supplier is registered with the Small Business Administration as a Small Disadvantaged Business.
Indicates that the supplier is classified as a Veteran.
Vietnam Veteran
Indicates that the supplier is classified as a Vietnam Era Veteran.
Women Owned
Indicates that this supplier may be owned by a woman. Suppliers should be contacted directly to verify their certification status.
Business Enterprise Indicator information is either not applicable or not available for this supplier.
What is a "Merchant Category Code"?
The Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit code used by the bankcard industry to classify a merchant's primary business. The MCC describes a merchant's product, service, or nature of business. In cases where a merchant is engaged in more than one type of business, the MCC will reflect the merchant's primary line of business.
While some MCCs refer to general merchant and transaction types (e.g., motor home dealers, costume rental, garden supply stores), others identify specific merchants (i.e., certain travel and entertainment merchants). Major Travel and Entertainment (T&E) merchants have been designated unique merchant-specific MCCs (e.g., 3640 = Hyatt Hotels).
What does "Enhanced Data Levels" mean?
Enhanced Data Levels refers to Level II and Level III data; that is, additional transaction or customer information that a supplier may be capable of capturing at the point-of-sale (in addition to the Level I data captured by all suppliers). Not every merchant/supplier has the ability to capture Level II and Level III data, as it requires enhanced technology and point-of-sale equipment.
  • Fleet Purchase Detail data is captured on fleet card transactions and includes transaction line item data such as fuel type, fuel quantity, price per unit, and prompted fields like odometer reading and driver ID.
  • Level I data is captured on all transactions by all suppliers. It includes merchant name, merchant location, transaction amount, Merchant Category Code, and transaction date.
  • Level II data may include sales tax amount, sales tax indicator, customer code, purchase ID and/or purchase ID format.
  • Level III data is divided into two types:
    • - Level III-Summary Data is summary level information that applies to the transaction as a whole, such as order date and invoice number.
    • - Level III-Line Item Detail is detail information about individual line items, such as product code, description, quantity, and unit cost.